Finite element control parameters



  1. The parameters described in this section are required to run the analysis phase. Many other parameters can be used to control the analysis phase and are defined by the step control parameters. The overall structure of the time stepping procedure is as follows.
  2. Begin loop over time steps
    Read new step control parameters as controlled by nreuse
    Begin loop over iterations
    The iteration loop is controlled by the step control parameters
    End loop over iterations
    End loop over time steps
  3. During the time stepping procedure, a maximum number of time steps maxstep will be performed in the loop over the time steps.
  4. The simulation time range is defined by a starting time tini, and a final time tfin. The simulation will stop when the final time is reached.
  5. If the time step size adaptivity procedure is used, the time step size will vary during the simulation in order to meet a preset level of error, or because some specific event is taking place, such as contact. However, the time step size will not be allowed to be outside the time step size range defined by Δtmin ≤ Δt ≤ Δtmax.
  6. The reference energy level Eref is used to normalize convergence indices and error norms based on energy.