Initial condition definition

@FILE_NAME {FileName}


  1. if this section is empty, the initial conditions are taken at rest, i.e., the initial displacements, velocities, and accelerations of all components of the model are set to zero. Otherwise, the initial conditions are taken as an equilibrium configuration computed in a previous run. This option effectively provides a restart capability for the analysis.
  2. When using the restart option, the initial condition of the simulation will be read from file FileName, of type file.h5, which must be an archival file created by a previous run of the code. The equilibrium configuration for the time step number nstep in FileName will determine the initial conditions of the present run.
  3. The initial time step number for the restart run will be the time step number nini step, corresponding to a time tini. If the initial time, tini < 0 the initial time of the restarted analysis is identical to that found at time step number nstep of archival file FileName.