1. Overall description of the problem

When a simply supported flexible shaft is accelerated through its first natural bending frequency, its operation goes from sub- to super-critical and large lateral oscillations result.

2. Input file

The input file for Dymore 4.0 is available in two formats

  1. A plain text version of the input file, and
  2. A web version of the input file.

3. Numerical results

Numerical predictions can be downloaded here for the lateral buckling of a beam. Each archive (in .zip format) contains the following information.

  1. An Octave script for plotting (.m file),
  2. Existing numerical predictions (.dat files).

The following data is available.

  1. The components of displacement along unit vector i2 and i3, denoted u2 and u3 respectively, at shaft's mid-point. (zip),
  2. The components of linear velocity along unit vector i2 and i3, denoted v2 and v3 respectively, at shaft's mid-point. (zip),
  3. The component of transverse shear force in the material basis along unit vector e2 and e3, denoted F2 and F3 respectively, at shaft's mid-point. (zip),
  4. The component of bending moment about unit vector e2 and e3, in the material basis, denoted M2 and M3 respectively, at the shaft's mid-point. (zip),
  5. The trajectory of shaft's mid-point viewed by inertial observer and a rotating observer respectively. (zip),
  6. The phase plot of shaft's mid-point. (zip),