Spatial contact joint

@EDGE_NAME {EdgeName}
@ETA_VALUE { u0k, v0k, u0l, v0l}


  1. A spatial contact joint is a joint that allows contact between the outer surfaces of two rigid body masses. The spatial contact joint is associated with an edge, EdgeName. Vertices Vertex0Name and Vertex1Name are associated with this edge. Rigid body masses Rbm0Name and Rbm1Name are associated with vertices Vertex0Name and Vertex1Name, respectively. The outer shapes that come in contact are the surfaces, Surface0Name and Surface1Name that are associated with the rigid body masses Rbm0Name and Rbm1Name, respectively. Find more information about: the representation of multibody systems, and the formulation of constraints in multibody systems.
  2. Parameters uk and vk parameterize surface Surface0Name, where as parameters ul and vl parameterize surface Surface1Name. The initial values u0k, v0k, u0l and v0l must be specified. These values correspond to the initial location of the candidate contact point on the surfaces Surface0Name and Surface1Name, respectively.
  3. The contact model CntModlName, defines physical characteristics of the contact between the two bodies.
  4. Optionally, the friction model, FctModlName, defines physical characteristics of the friction between the two bodies.