Face load definition

@FACE_LOAD_NAME {FaceLoadName} {
@LIST_OF_APPLIED_LOADS {ApLod1, ApLod2, ...}
@COMMENTS {CommentText}


A face load is a set of known, time-varying, distributed pressures applied to face FaceName. This face must have an associated surface. The structural elements associated face FaceName must be of the following types.

  1. Shells: in this case, the face load is applied over the surface that defines the geometry of the corresponding shell element.


  1. The loading used in conjuntion with this face load consists of a number of applied loads, ApLod1, ApLod2, etc., that must be introduced by one of the following keywords: @PRESSURE_ALONG_i1, @PRESSURE_ALONG_i2, or @PRESSURE_ALONG_i3.
  2. It is possible to attach comments to the definition of the object; these comments have no effect on its definition.