Force element interface definition

@EDGE_NAME {EdgeName}
@COMMENTS {CommentText}


Figure 1. Configuration of the force element interface.

A force element interface serve as an interface between a force element, such as a hydraulic device or an elastomeric damper, and a multibody system. The force element is associated with an edge EdgeName. Vertices Vertex0Name and Vertex1Name are associated with this edge. Find more information about: the formulation of the force element interface, and the representation of multibody systems.

The force element can be of three distinct types.

  1. A prescribed length actuator: the length of the device is prescribed as a function of time and the force necessary to obtain this desired length will be applied to the system. To activate this option, a time function, TimFunName, must be defined. No hydraulic device or elastomeric damper is allowed when using this option.
  2. A hydraulic device. To activate this option, a hydraulic device model, HydModlName, must be defined. No time function is allowed when using this option.
  3. An elastomeric damper. To activate this option, an elastomeric damper model, EldModlName, must be defined. No time function is allowed when using this option.

Both hydraulic device and elastomeric damper can be defined simultaneously, implying that both elements are placed in parallel in the force element interface.


It is possible to attach comments to the definition of the object; these comments have no effect on its definition.

Graphical parameters

The appearance of the force element interface during the visualization phase of the analysis can be controlled by associating visualization parameters, VizPrmName, to the element. The following representations are valid for force element interfaces: RepresentationType = SYMBOL, or TRIAD. The TRIAD representation depicts the force element interface with a triad. The SYMBOL representation depicts the force element interface as a box symbol. Default value: SYMBOL.


Sensors can be defined to extract information about force element interfaces. The following SensorType and associated FrameName specifications are allowed for force elements: FORCE_ELEMENT_DATA, ACCELERATIONS_0, ACCELERATIONS_1, DISPLACEMENTS_0, DISPLACEMENTS_1, CONFIGURATION_0, CONFIGURATION_1, VELOCITIES_0, VELOCITIES_1. (Default value: FORCE_ELEMENT_DATA).