Hydraulic chamber definition

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Figure 1. Configuration of the hydraulic chamber.

The hydraulic chamber, shown in fig. 1, is a common hydraulic component and is associated with hydraulic device model, HydModl. The chamber, of volume V and cross-sectional area A, is filled with a hydraulic fluid of bulk modulus B under pressure p. Often, due to the presence of a piston, the length of the chamber can vary. The change in length of the chamber is denoted d. Finally, hydraulic fluid can flow into the chamber; Q denotes the net volumetric flow rate into the chamber.

The description and formulation of the hydraulic chamber and elements provides the relationships among these variables.


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Sensors can be defined to extract information about hydraulic chambers. The following SensorType specifications are allowed for hydraulic chambers: CHAMBER_DATA. (Default value: CHAMBER_DATA).

No u value and v value are accepted for the hydraulic device.