Cross-plot definition

@DATA_FILE_NAME {DataFileName}
@GAUGE_LABEL {GaugeLabel}
@SENSOR_NAME {SensorName}
@COMMENTS {CommentText}


  1. A cross-plot allows the cross-plotting of two sets of data. For instance, validation efforts involve the comparison of experimental measurements with predictions. In this case, the first set of data contains experimental measurements and the second numerical predictions. Validation could also involve the comparison of two data sets computed by two different codes, or of two data sets computed by the same code, but with different computational approaches, for instance. In all cases, the cross-plot compares data computed by the present simulation with data stored in a data file, DataFileName.
  2. A maximum of six channels can be defined for each cross-plot. Each channel uses two data sets: the first data set is that defined by the gauge of an instrument package, and the second is that defined by the output of a sensor. These two data sets will be plot on the same graph to provide the desired comparison. Each gauge and sensor pair defined as follows.
    • The first data set is that defined by the gauge of an instrument package. Data file DataFileName makes reference to an instrumentation package, which stores measurements or previous predictions for a number of gauges. The gauge to be used in a specific channel is identified by its unique GaugeLabel and channel number, 1 ≤ Ng ≤ 6.
    • The second data set is that defined by the output of sensor SensorName. Channel number 1 ≤ Ns ≤ 6 defines the specific data set. The labeling of the x- and y-axes of the cross-plot are inherited from those of this signal.
  3. It is possible to attach comments to the definition of the object; these comments have no effect on its definition. If comments are defined for a graph, they are repeated as part of the graph title.


  1. The following input data will create the cross-plot shown in fig. 1. Note that the comment text appears in the title of the cross-plot, providing additional information about the cross-plot.
    @CROSS_PLOT_NAME {CrsPlt1} {
    @GAUGE_LABEL {Gauge1}
    @SENSOR_NAME {SensorBeam1Forces}
    @COMMENTS {Nice cross-plot}
Figure 1. Cross-plot produced by the data given above