Visualization parameters definition

@SHAPE_NAME {ShapeName}
@COMMENTS {CommentText}


  1. This section defines the parameters that control the visualization of a specific object. If @OBJECT_VISIBLE = NO, the object will not appear in the visualization. If @OBJECT_HIGHLIGHTED = YES the object will be highlighted in the visualization. (Default: @OBJECT_VISIBLE = YES, @OBJECT_HIGHLIGHTED = NO.)
  2. In the visualization, each object of the model is depicted using a specific representation, listed in the columns of table 1. To access the optional representations, a shape, ShapeName, must be defined for the element.
    • For beams, the following representations are valid. The LINE representation depicts the beam as a line along curve CurveName that defines the beam element. The other three representations are allowed only if a shape, ShapeName, is defined for the beam. The CURVE representation shows the shape as a set of sectional curves at the beam nodes, MESH depicts the shape as an orthogonal mesh of curves, and SURFACE as an external surface. (Default representation: if shape is defined, MESH, otherwise, LINE)
    • For cylindrical joints, planar joints, Prismatic joints, revolute joints, Rigid body connections, Spherical joints, and Universal joints, the following representations are valid. The SYMBOL representation depicts the revolute joint as a symbol centered at the point that defines the joint. (Default representation: SYMBOL)
    • For shells,
    • For rigid body masses,
    • For lifting lines,
  3. The color used to represent the configuration of an object is ConfColor, whereas that used to represent the vector field associated with the elements is FieldColor. The names of the available colors are defined in table 1.
Color nameRed Green Blue Color nameRed Green BlueColor nameRed Green Blue
AQUAMARINE 127 255 212 BEIGE 245 245 220 BLACK 0 00
BLUE 0 0 255 BLUE_SKY0 191255 CHARTREUSE 127 2550
CHOCOLATE 255 127 36 CORAL 255 114 86 CORNSILK 255 248 220
CYAN 0 255 255 DEEP_PINK 255 20 147 GOLD 255 215 0
GREEN 0 2550 MAGENTA 255 0 255 NAVAJO 255 222 173
OLIVE 202 255 112 ORANGE 255 165 0 PURPLE 160 32 240
RED 255 0 0 SALMON 250 128 114 SIENNA 160 82 45
WHEAT 245 222 179 WHITE 255 255 255 YELLOW 255 255 0
Table 1. Available color options defined in the red, green, blue convention.
Each integer from 0 to 255 gives the intensity of the red, green and blue components, respectively.

  1. The visualization phase enable the representation of a number of vector fields that are superimposed to the instantaneous configuration of the system. Specific vector fields must be enabled in the graphics control parameters{GrfCtrl} section.
  2. It is possible to attach comments to the definition of the object; these comments have no effect on its definition.